the Point of Practice

The Conjunction of the Eagle and Condor takes place within the Spirit of every man, woman and child in any

moment that the truth of an infinitely ever-expanding Universe of possibility and wonder is expressed through

acts of love and kindness and acceptance that transcend survival and custom and prejudice of every kind. This is

the Point of Practice for the Human Beings. In this way, everyone includes themselves in the Hummingbird


Mitakuye Oasin!

- George Bertelstein

Our Tuesday evening Sacred Pipe Ceremony is moving to our new home in Rockridge. The new address is 368 60th St (@ Claremont Ave.), Oakland, CA 94618

Arrival Time: 7:30pm (The Ceremony usually concludes around 11pm - sometimes earlier or later, depending on how many attend). All who come in a good way are welcome. No need to RSVP.

Please respect our neighbors by parking smartly (do not block driveways) and arrive and depart peacefully & quietly.

Mitakuye Oyasin!

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